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  • berry-blue-engineered-stripe
  • blue-black-mosaic-engineered-stripe
  • palm-beach-engineered-stripe
  • pink-peonies-engineered-stripe
  • plum-engineered-stripe
  • small-knit-engineered-stripe
  • sun-tan-engineered-stripe
  • uneven-stripe-engineered-stripe
  • abstract-leopard-engineered-stripe
  • gold-engineered-stripe
  • purple-engineered-stripe
  • violet-engineered-stripe
  • blooming-roses-engineered-stripe
  • irregular-stripe
  • tango-black-3-4-stripe-combo-engineered-stripe
  • tango-engineered-stripe
  • olive-engineered-stripe
  • tree-leaf-engineered-stripe
  • 3-4-stripe-engineered-stripe
  • star-engineered-stripe

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A signature Kamali style, our Jog Pant gets graphic with a wide contrasting side stripe in poly lycra fabric for comfort and easy care. Pair with heels or flats for different looks.



Style Codes: Pewter/Camel/Ivory: KK4277PL026056 3/4 Stripe/Engineered Stripe: KK1287PL026212 Rose Gold/Ivory: KK1287PL026069 Star/Engineered Stripe: KK1287PL026361 Olive/Engineered Stripe: KK2287PL026080 Tree Leaf/Engineered Stripe: KK2287PL026363 Blooming Roses/Engineered Stripe: KK3287PL026373 Tango/Black 3/4 Stripe Combo/Engineered Stripe: KK3287PL026220 Abstract Leopard/Engineered Stripe: KK4287PL026400 Gold/Engineered Stripe: KK4287PL026113 Purple/Engineered Stripe: KK4287PL026111 Violet/Engineered Stripe: KK4287PL026112 Irregular Stripe: KK3287PL026375 Tango/Engineered Stripe: KK3287PL026091 Pink Peonies/Engineered Stripe: KK1297PL026409 Plum/Engineered Stripe: KK1297PL026119 Small Knit/Engineered Stripe: KK1297PL026408 Sun Tan/Engineered Stripe: KK1297PL026120 Uneven Stripe/Engineered Stripe: KK1297PL026222 Black/Ivory: KK4277PL026055 Berry Blue/Engineered Stripe: KK2297PL026131 Blue/Black Mosaic/Engineered Stripe: KK2297PL026417 Palm Beach/Engineered Stripe: KK2297PL026419