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NK proves that green tea isn't just for drinking. It's also a fantastic natural beauty elixir. Use NK Japanese Karigane Green Tea as the active ingredient with our Japanese paper face masks for a relaxing and effective home beauty treatment.

Prepare a small pot of Japanese Karigane Green Tea. When ready, pour a bit of tea into a small glass spritzer bottle, then pour a small amount from the teapot onto the Japanese face mask which will aid in opening the mask. Spread the mask out on a clean, sterile surface or towel. Spritz the mask until it is fully covered, but not dripping. Place over your face, relax, rinse skin. And don't forget to enjoy a cup of tea while you treat yourself to this delicious beauty ritual.


  • Green tea is full of powerful antioxidants that protect against free radicals, turning back the clock on these toxic molecules that damage healthy cells and promote the aging process.
  • Our Japanese Karigane Green Tea also contains theanine, a vital active amino acid that has shown to slow down the aging process.
  • Green tea is a wonderful relaxant, but at the same time it also acts as a stimulator.
  • It increases focus and helps regulate appetite. 
  • When green tea is applied directly to the skin you can expect some amazing results. Green tea improves the complexion by not only flushing toxins from the skin but by reducing inflammation.
  • It combats puffy eyes and dark circles via its inherent vitamin K.
  • It's also a fabulous anti-aging fighter, and can rid the skin of acne with its anti-bacterial properties.
  • Masks come with our 50g bag of NK Japanese Karigane Green Tea. 


Norma Kamali is a firm believer in marrying the innovations of the west with the traditions of the east. Exquisite proprietary blends of Japanese and Taiwanese teas round out the pure, health-inspired products curated specifically for Norma Kamali and her Wellness Cafe. Pure. Organic. Healthy. Beautiful, inside and out. 


Brand: Chado-En

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