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Welcome to our QR Coded Gallery Space

The Norma Kamali building at 11 West 56th Street houses the headquarters and the exhibition gallery displaying the collections and providing a QR experience as if you are shopping online.

All styles are qr coded so as you scan the code with your mobile device you learn about the style, the price the sizes available as well as other colors.

As you scan through the gallery you can place your picks into your digital shopping cart until you are ready to make a final decision.

If you want to check to see what size you might be in each of our classifications we will have a full size run of key styles that will best define your size.

You can shop in the space or wait til you go home.

In addition to the efficiency of online shopping, we are offering personal shoppers on site who can be your personal shoppers going forward making the experience a blend of both one on one service to the incredible 24/7 access of technology.

Hours: 10-6pm Mon–Sat • Phone: (212) 957-9797 x100

How to Use QR Codes


  1. With iOs 11, point camera at the QR code.
  2. Tap the link shown.

  1. With older ios, search for "QR code reader" in app store.
  2. Download an app such as "QR Reader+".
  3. Launch the app and scan the code.


  1. With screen search activated, focus camera on QR code.
  2. Hold the home button to make the link visible.
  3. Tap the link shown.

  1. Alternately, download an app like "i-nigma".
  2. Launch the app and scan the code.