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Kamali's proprietary brand of extra-virgin olive oil is the foundation for the NK Wellness Cafe which was introduced in 2001. A firm believer in the powers of the natural properties of olive oil as a health and beauty aid, Kamali's exquisite blends are hand selected each year from the finest olive orchards along the Mediterranean.

From our 2015 harvest, the Taster Set of four 2 oz. bottles includes 2 in our Provence flavor and 2 in our La Mancha flavor. Perfectly proportioned to keep a bottle at your desk for healthy lunches, sized as a delicious travel companion or to keep in your purse (as NK does) to bring as a substitute for heavy restaurant dressings.

Our Provence flavor from the 2015 French harvest is a classic olive oil with a smooth, light grassy finish and is the perfect day-to-day cuisine companion. In contrast, our La Mancha flavor from the 2015 Spanish harvest has a deeper, bolder olive oil taste that brings a real kick to your cook.


Brand: The Wellness Cafe

Style Code: WEHE2050003