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Kamali's proprietary brand of extra-virgin olive oil is the foundation for the NK Wellness Cafe which was introduced in 2001. A firm believer in the powers of the natural properties of olive oil as a health and beauty aid, Kamali's exquisite blends are hand selected each year from the finest olive orchards along the Mediterranean.

From our 2015 harvest, the Taster Set of four 2 oz. bottles includes 2 in our Provence flavor and 2 in our La Mancha flavor. Perfectly proportioned to keep a bottle at your desk for healthy lunches, sized as a delicious travel companion or to keep in your purse (as NK does) to bring as a substitute for heavy restaurant dressings.

Our Provence flavor from the 2015 French harvest is a classic olive oil with a smooth, light grassy finish and is the perfect day-to-day cuisine companion. In contrast, our La Mancha flavor from the 2015 Spanish harvest has a deeper, bolder olive oil taste that brings a real kick to your cook.


  • All Norma Kamali olive oil is extra-virgin and certified organic.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil contains more of its inherent vitamins and minerals than regular olive oils do, as well as antioxidants in the form of polyphenols which help slow the aging process. In addition to keeping you youthful, a Mediterranean diet (including daily doses of extra-virgin olive oil) has been proven to aid against a variety of chronic diseases. It contains Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (the good fat) that act as anti-inflammatories and have been proven to lower cholesterol and can improve risk factors in heart disease and diabetes.
  • Extra-virgin olive oil also has many beauty benefits including everything from use as a shine finishing-treatment for your hair to a non-lathering shave cream and a cuticle conditioner. It hydrates, conditions and soothes irritated skin.


The NK Wellness Philosophy was born out of a desire and love for all things healthy and harmonious with our planet. Beginning with a natural and centuries tried and true elixir, extra-virgin olive oil became the firm foundation for Kamali's foray into the wellness category. 


Brand: The Wellness Cafe

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