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To practice the NORMALIFE daily self-care ritual, massage the products onto dry skin to activate ingredients. Take a moment to enjoy the calming, meditative scent as you massage the skin. When you have completely covered your face + body, turn on the water and rinse thoroughly.

Use twice daily morning and night, or as desired.

CLEAN is an alternative to soap. The simple ingredients keep the skin clean and nourished thanks to the antibacterial charcoal and healing aloe.

Use SMOOTH for a mini manicure, a quick facial, or a one-step spa experience for your whole body. This exfoliant contains charcoal, aloe, and finely ground olive pits, leaving your skin smooth and soft to the touch. SMOOTH is the perfect partner for GLOW.

Apply a thin layer of GLOW onto face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Massage into skin until the cream is no longer visible to achieve a post workout glow on face + body. Add another layer for a deeper glow. Color builds within hours. Wash hands after application. Can also be used on entire body for a full glow.

SOFT is a moisturizer and can alternate with GLOW. Shake well. Massage on to dry skin, face, hands, and body as often as desired for soft, moisture nourished skin. Can be used as a makeup remover with a damp cloth, massage cream, or to boost the color produced by GLOW. Massage SOFT on feet before wearing socks as a mini spa treatment.

Extend this ritual to loved ones, sharing your care and appreciation as you treat them to this concept.

Please note that our packaging is reusable and recyclable — we remain conscious of the planet.