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Norma Kamali is a designer who
has spent her entire career as an entrepreneur running her fashion business for over 50 years.

Her interest for the last 25 years has been focused on a healthy lifestyle. She researched and learned from the early gurus of wellness like Horst who developed Aveda, Dr. JD Yang, Dr. Weil and Dr. Lowdog. Her personal experiences in the fitness, health, beauty aspect of this lifestyle led to her opening the Wellness Cafe after 9/11. "The continued stress we would endure over the long term would eventually negatively affect our collective immune system."

The Wellness Cafe featured alternatives from practices to products that support the immune system. The Wellness Cafe was the first to sell raw juices from juice companies as well as launching brands offering the positive lifestyle choices early in the wellness movement. Norma developed product lines based on her core love, olive oil.

There is a huge amount of products trending in this market now and there are too many selections for the consumer to understand and rationally decide which is best.
The simplicity of core good products that work that are democratic and inclusive is the concept behind the NORMALIFE brand.

The Three Pillars of a healthy lifestyle are Sleep, Diet and Exercise.

SKINLINE is the first of the launches of the NORMALIFE concept. There are four core natural products — CLEAN, SMOOTH, SOFT, and GLOW. SKINLINE is for men and women, for all skin types, colors, and ages.