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Norma Kamali is a fashion designer who has spent her career as an entrepreneur running her design business for 50 years.

Her purpose simply has been to help women feel good about themselves. She realized clothing can do so much but there is another level of empowerment that has to do with self esteem.

Women have been judged how they look since the beginning of time and now we all know beauty is not defined by what the fashion of beauty industry define but by our own individual beauty. However, that individuality needs to be at its healthiest to achieve a strong sense of self.

Good skin shiny hair sparkly eyes and a confident sense of self are a result of a lifestyle that can be simple affordable and easy to make a part of your life.

The benefits are extraordinary and impact your life in every way. Performance relationships and a positive spirit create the life you love to live.

Any sadness or loss or negativity that life offers is better dealt coming from strength. Norma has been an advocate of wellness since 9/11 when she opened her Wellness Café. Prior to that she researched and learned from early proponents of this lifestyle to several gurus of integrative medicine. Michael Pollan, Andrew Weil, Dr. Lowdog, Horst founder of Aveda, Twyla Tharp, are a few early influences. She co-wrote a book with Dr. JD Yang on acupuncture in 2014, and has been practicing transcendental meditation since the early seventies. Her mother was an avid believer in juicing, supplements and movement. This early influence impacted her understanding of the core basics of timeless products like olive oil, sea salt, plants and herbs.


2019 Norma Kamali launches book

2018 NORMALIFE opens with first release of the Skinline

2018 Norma reinstates her radio show

2017 Norma launches her podcast on iTunes

2016 Lifetime Achievement awarded by the CFDA

2012 The stop campaign begins with a story telling film and a series of events with women and girls

2000 The Wellness Café

1995 The Democracy of Fashion NK ecom website Try Before You Buy

1990 No make up skin care... Fitness health beauty

1985 High heeled sneakers designed and patented

1980 Sweats collection casual sportswear begins a new way of dressing

1976 NK On My Own Norma Kamali

1975 Multi style easy care knits / Parachute clothing

1970 Sleeping Bag Coat / Swimwear innovations

1967 Kamali opens for business