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Kamali's proprietary brand of extra-virgin olive oil is the foundation for the NK Wellness Cafe which was introduced in 2001. A firm believer in the powers of the natural properties of olive oil as a health and beauty aid, Kamali's exquisite blends are hand selected each year from the finest olive orchards along the Mediterranean.

Experience the wonderful health benefits of massage with our NK Massage Oil. 100% extra-virgin olive oil blended with your choice of natural essential oils for an extra-sensory experience. Don't be shy, bring our bottle with you to your next massage.


  • All Norma Kamali olive oil is extra-virgin and certified organic.
  • An olive oil massage has shown to improve blood circulation as well as hydrating and soothing tired, dry skin. 
  • Because extra-virgin olive oil is full of antioxidants it can also improve skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Acting as an anti-inflammatory, olive oil helps to reduce arthritis pain and tired, stressed muscles.


The NK Wellness Philosophy was born out of a desire and love for all things healthy and harmonious with our planet. Beginning with a natural and centuries tried and true elixir, extra-virgin olive oil became the firm foundation for Kamali's foray into the wellness category.


Brand: The Wellness Cafe

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