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A fantastic, natural alternative to commercial brand toothpastes, Tooth Soap's Cinnamon Liquid tooth cleanser is a refreshing healthy approach to perfecting your dental care. Kamali's personal favorite, Tooth Soap fully cleanses your teeth and gums while also removing nasty residues and contaminants. 

Just two drops on your toothbrush and you are on your way to a scrubbing sensation that will leave your mouth clean, healthy and invigorated.


  • Tooth Soap is organic and completely natural. 
  • Ingredients include organic extra-virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, spring water and essential oils. 
  • Almost as important as what goes in Tooth Soap is what does not. You'll never find any chemicals, fluoride, preservatives, glycerin or chemical sweeteners typically found in most commercial dental health brands.
  • Tooth Soap imparts a brilliant cleansing, eliminating daily toxins and creating strong healthy teeth and gums that are sensitive-free.


Founder Gabriela Brown created the Tooth Soap brand in 2003 in an effort to offer natural and organic alternatives to oral care. Brown's non-toxic formulas are handmade in limited batches with no preservatives or chemicals. 


Brand: Tooth Soap

Style Code: WEHE2010006