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Stimulate your senses with these aromatic Certified Organic Essential Oil sprays. Available in 7 incredible aromas. A beautiful way to begin your day.


  • AWAKEN - Bright and fresh with top notes of lemon and lemongrass fortified with stimulating notes of spearmint and black pepper.
  • SEDUCTIVE - Spicy and sweet, an aphrodisiac-filled blend of nutmeg, clove and vanilla.
  • ATTUNE - Soft and minty with peppermint and ravintsara blends of rose, geranium and vetiver. A touch of vanilla for balance.
  • NURTURE - Soothes with lavender. Revitalizes with carrot oil while sweet orange regenerates and balances. Therapeutic geranium calms and heals.
  • INNERCALM - A clean citrus with sweet orange, white grapefruit and mandarin balanced by warm floral notes that lead to calm and tranquility.
  • RESTORE - For the haute bohemian. Deep, spicy ancient medicinal oils with ravintsara, oregano and cinnamon blend with patchouli, rosemary and thyme for restoration.
  • FOCUS - Delicate spring flowers. A soft blend of neroli, chamomile, jasmine and ylang ylang with stimulating bergamot for clarity.


  • Intelligent Nutrient's Aromatics work with your body's chemistry to harmonize vibrational zones, set your mood and make you feel and smell amazing. 
  • Certified Organic Essential Oils. Contains Antioxidant Intellimune Seed Oil Complex.


Founded by beauty industry innovator Horst Rechelbacher in 2008 (he also founded Aveda) with the mission of creating his own brand of high quality, completely safe, certified organic beauty products that are plant based with no animal testing, are non-toxic and safe. This brilliant, environmentally-friendly company revolutionized the beauty industry with each product launch. Today, Intelligent Nutrients carries on Horst's legacy of beautiful wellness products that cleanse, treat and beautify both body and mind. 


Brand: Intelligent Nutrients

Style Code: WEBE0010003