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Regular Price: $75.00

Special Price $25.00

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  • acid
  • black
  • uneven-stripe
  • posey-pink
  • graffiti
  • blue-patchwork
  • camel
  • illusion

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We'll keep it brief. Max out your swim style with the tiny trim shape of our Eric Bottom in black, white, or in one of our bold, graphic prints.


Brand: SWIM

Style Codes: Cheetah: SW425ZNL047303 Camel: SW425ZNL042012 Blue Patchwork: SW126ZNL009304 Carmen: SW226ZNL009307 Leopard: SW126ZNL009305 Floaters: SW126ZNL009306 Writing Stripe: SW126ZNL009205 Graffiti: SW326ZNL009310 Illusion: SW326ZNL009311 Modern Camo: SW326ZNL009308 Painter Roses: SW326ZNL009314 Cobra: SW326ZNL009315 Black: SW425ZNL019001 White: SW425ZNL018002 Dots: SW427ZNL119355 Posey Pink: SW427ZNL119057 Sage: SW427ZNL119051 Uneven Stripe: SW427ZNL119356 Acid: SW426ZNL019030