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Made from 100% matured oak wood vinegar, Char Essence is a natural multi-use product with the delightful smoky signature scent that is inherent in all of Sort of Coal's products.

Char Essence purifies and moisturizes skin and hair naturally but also functions as a disinfectant and deodorizer for everything from laundry to home odors and even acts as an insect repellent. 

Highly concentrated, Char Essence should be used sparingly, typically only 5 drops per 100 ml of water or sprayed lightly in the air, on skin or plants. This 250 ml bottle has a life span of 30 months once the bottle has been opened.


  • Use in the bath for a purifying and moisturizing home spa treatment, boosts blood circulation.
  • Moisturizes and cleanses facial skin.
  • Purifies and scents the sauna.
  • Relieves dandruff and odors from hair.
  • Char Essence also has many home uses including freshening and softening laundry.
  • Functions as a room deodorizer when sprayed anywhere unpleasant odors linger.
  • Cleanses and disinfects kitchen chopping boards.
  • Acts as a non-toxic insect repellent on skin and directly on plants to deter bugs.


Founded in 2006 by Danish ceramic artist Louise Vilsgaard and Danish film producer Pernille Lembcke, Sort of Coal was created in an effort to bring the centuries-old benefits of White Charcoal to the Western world with a minimal, modern esthetic. Despite its name, White Charcoal is pitch black and originates from the wood of trees grown in Japan and Korea. White Charcoal absorbs impurities in the water, air and skin while releasing essential minerals in turn. 


Brand: Sort of Coal

Style Code: WEHE2030002