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from $110.00

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  • black
  • 3-4-stripe
  • black-mosaic
  • blue-concrete-jungle
  • midnight
  • orange-concrete-jungle
  • palm-beach
  • large-knit
  • nk-black-stripe
  • plum
  • red
  • sun-tan
  • purple
  • swirl
  • violet
  • irregular-stripe

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Here is your alternative that you've been looking for, to the traditional trouser. Our Boot Pant is cut to perfection from our soft stretch jersey. Super-slimming and high waisted.



Style Codes: Black: KK4267PL142001 Pewter: KK4267PL142006 Midnight: KK4267PL142012 Red: KK4267PL142004 Ivory: KK1277PL142037 Kelly Green: KK1277PL142034 Peacock: KK1277PL142035 Olive 3/4 Stripe: KK2287PL142213 3/4 Stripe: KK3287PL142210 Blooming Roses: KK3287PL142372 Irregular Stripe: KK3287PL142375 Swirl: KK4287PL142398 Violet: KK4287PL142110 Large Knit: KK1297PL142403 NK Black Stripe: KK1297PL142223 Plum: KK1297PL142043 Sun Tan: KK1297PL142063 Gold: KK0287PL142008 Salmon: KK0287PL142109 Slate: KK0287PL142022 Black Mosaic: KK2297PL142416 Blue Concrete Jungle: KK2297PL142422 Orange Concrete Jungle: KK2297PL142421 Palm Beach: KK2297PL142413 Purple: ST4287VE142108