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Dip. Dive. Diva. Our Bill Mio simply fits the bill for the ultimate chic one-piece. This classic retro style uses all-over shirring and an underlayer of nylon spandex to give your body a beautiful form.


Brand: SWIM

Style Codes: Black: SW424XPJ192 White: SW424XPJ192 Midnight: SW425XPJ004005 Pistachio: SW424XPJ192 Grass Green: SW424XPJ192 Sunflower Yellow: SW424XPJ192 Odessa Pink: SW424XPJ192 Pewter: SW424XPJ192 Carnation: SW424XPJ192 Red: SW226XPJ100004 Cobalt: SW426XPJ192021 1 1/2 Inch Ivy/Blk Stripe: SW426XNL192210 Caramel Leopard: SW127XNL192328 White Leopard: SW127XNL192330