Norma Kamali is an iconic designer who has created unforgettable pieces: The Sleeping Bag Coat, Farrah Fawcett’s Red Swim Suit and The Parachute Dress. She is known for her innovative yet timeless approach to fashion and her career spans over four decades. Norma’s designs are recognized worldwide and her clothing is coveted by top celebrities and stylists alike. She is not only known for her swim collection, but other bodies of work includes timeless modern clothing in every classification. Beauty, health and wellness is clearly woven into her DNA. That DNA, along with her understanding of the human form, sets her apart from all others.

Norma Kamali has won numerous awards for her designs, as well as for her fashion films, architecture and interior design. The influence she has on the fashion industry can be seen throughout her career. Norma has always been ahead of the curve in fashion, as well as in other in areas. The “no makeup”, makeup collection in the early 90's, her fitness line of technical active clothing, and her early use of the internet in the 90's to interact directly with her clients are just a few examples. Her 3D films, involvement in virtual and augmented reality for education, entertainment, and fashion all used in unique way to tell the story of her brand.


SWIM: Norma Kamali’s swim collection features screen-siren swimwear and cover-ups that transition perfectly from day to evening. These pieces are made to fit today’s modern woman. Each piece is done in the highest quality fabrics that are silky to the touch with technological advanced properties. Her study of anatomy is evident in this collection, as well as her costume designs for dance productions. Her credits include Sidney Lumet's “The Wiz” emerald city sequence and numerous collaborations with famed choreographer Twyla Tharp. Including the breakthrough performance for "In the Upper Room", “Route 66”, “Come Fly Away” for the Royal Danish Ballet and most recently, “The Cornbread Duet”. These designs display Norma Kamali’s hands on technical skills and understanding of movement.

KAMALIKULTURE: After decades of designing, Norma decided to finally reach women who couldn’t afford high-end clothing and give them the opportunity to have design, fit, and quality at an amazing price. In 2012, KAMALIKULTURE was born. The next step after a line for Walmart, KAMALIKULTURE, purposefully offered under $200 dollars, consists of inclusive designer dresses, swimwear and accessories and has special care in the development phase through production. Offering the savvy shopper a truly exceptional piece in a broad range of sizes and timeless silhouettes, KAMALIKULTURE is designed with the modern woman’s life in mind who wants go-to pieces that are easy care and perfect for travel.

SWEATS: The launch of Norma Kamali’s SWEATS Collection for Spring 2014 is the fast forward look to the future of the revolutionary SWEATS Collection she originally launched in 1980. That was the first time women wore sweatshirt clothing to work and events, making one of the first statements about casual clothing. It became a lifestyle movement. The SWEATS Collection is another testament to Norma's belief that timeless style is more powerful than fashion, or is in fact real fashion.

ACTIVEWEAR: Also in the Spring of 2014, Norma Kamali created and launched ACTIVEWEAR. Casual wear, with an editorial edge, this collection displays her innate understanding of the contemporary lifestyle of women. Norma Kamali ACTIVE springs from her vision of the simplicity of fitness, health and beauty merging together; bound by the sophistication of a designer’s point of view.

Norma’s clients have worn her clothes throughout the years and they have defined each decade with her designs. Celebrities like Madonna, Farrah Fawcett, Cher, and Raquel Welch, to name a few. Today Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Sofia Vergara, Nicki Minaj and Lady GaGa have all worn Kamali’s designs.


Norma's entire career has been a platform for her life goal, which is to help enhance and empower women. The first step has been through clothing. Then in 2001, she created the WELLNESS CAFÉ and has been promoting fitness, health, and alternative beauty solutions. In 2012 Norma Kamali launched her “Hey Baby” campaign for the empowerment of women. The campaigns mission statement is to bring awareness to the detrimental effects of objectification on women’s self-esteem and body image. The recognition of this insidious behavior is the way Norma feels real change can happen. She believes by telling our loved ones about this incidents it will rid women of the shame and create men who are advocates for change. Norma believes an empowered woman is invincible, and this is the ultimate message of the campaign. If every little girl born today can come into a world where objectification, even through fashion will no longer be the norm, than her dreams of reaching each individuals full potential will be real.

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